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Assist Travel / Transport

Assist Travel / Transport

To get from one place to another, you need transportation to get you there. If you have a disability, we understand that going to work, going to school, seeing a doctor, and doing certain things can be challenging. Assisted transportation enables participants to access disability services outside of their home, and to achieve goals in their program. Our transportation services ensure that you go from A to B in a safe, timely and enjoyable way. Our professional caregivers provide in addition to drop-off and pick-up service. We will help you get ready, give you company, and make sure you are assisted in every way you need.

Our Assisted Travel activities usually include taking a participant to:

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Find a grocery store
  • Hairdresser / barber appointments
  • Accompany to the hospital and home again
  • Collection of prescription / medication
  • Public tourism / outings
  • Family events

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